Commanded by brothers Fernando Dias and Mauricio Dias, OSCAR®’s qualified with 2 documentaries, The Cleaners and Piripkura, and thrice nominated for the EMMY® Awards, Grifa Filmes is a high-quality Brazilian producing company focused on documentaries and series for the international market. Specialized in national and international co-productions, for over 20 years Grifa Filmes has been creating awarded productions for television and Theaters. The company is one of the most important and award-winning content producers in Brazil.

GRIFA FILMES' projects have been exhibited and distributed by the most important players in Brazil and the world such as Discovery, HBO, NATGEO, BBC, NHK, ARTE/ZDF, France 3, France 5, GloboNews, RecordTV, TV Cultura, TV Brasil, SescTV, BAND, Canal Curta!, Canal Brasil, Prime Box Brazil, besides streaming platforms. Among the main productions, we can highlight On the trail of Langsdorff Expedition, Animals of Brazil, Whales in Abrolhos, Doctors of Joy, 500 Almas, Brazil from pre-History, Assiette Brésilienne, Who Cares?, Architects, Singers of Brazil, Brazil and Critical Uncertainties.

Awarded in Brazil and in the world, GRIFA has already participated in countless festivals and international exhibitions in which it has won 35 awards, 19 for "Best Film"; 4 FIESP/SESI awards; 4 awards in Gramado; 4 awards at the Festival de Brasília; 2 awards and 8 official selections at "É Tudo Verdade"; 1 award and 3 official selections at the Festival do Rio; 2 films supported by UNESCO and one film integrating the MOMA official collection in New York.