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How and why do some animals become extinct? How can they escape this fate? Changes in behavior, tactics, migratory movements and in new territories which have brought hope to species before they could disappear from the planet will be seen in this new series.

Humanity is capable of putting some species in danger of extinction and, once this danger is detected, we are also capable of reversing the situation, combining all our efforts in order to rescue these species from inexistence and re-introduce them into their natural environments.

However, the forces of extinction are never defeated definitively and we must remain ever watchful and prepared to face new confrontations with this danger.

In order to ensure the safety of a species, even if indefinitely, an alliance between man and the animal kingdom is necessary, and all of man’s resources must be brought together in order for rescue operations to be successful.

Episodes: Golden Lion tamarin (Brazil), Turtle (Brazil), Condor (USA), African dog (Namibia and Botswana), Przewalski horse (France and Mongolia) and Oryx (Jordan e United Arab Emirates). 


TV series. 

2013, HD, 6 x 52

Directed by: Maurício Dias (Golden Lion tamarin and Turtle), Jean-Luc Guidoin (African dog), Guillaume Levis (Przewalski horse), Jean-Marie Cornuel (Condor) and Denis Dommel (Oryx).

Spript: Frederic Lepage.

Original Soundtrack: Alexandre Guerra.

Executive Production: Fernando Dias, Maurício Dias and Christian Beetz.

Exibition: Discovery Latin America, France Televisions, France 5, Animal Planet Latin America, TV Brasil, YLE (Finland), Planète+, TV5 Monde, Lyon Capitale TV, RTBF (Belgium, Oasis HD (Canada) and KBS (Korea).


Coproduction Grifa Filmes, FLConcepts&CO, France 5 and TV Brasil.

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