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This is a television series which tells the dramatic stories of wild animals threatened by the advance of cities and urban areas towards forests, their former habitats. With the help of professionals specialized in the capture, treatment and re-introduction of these animals into nature, these wild animals are given a second chance at life, even if it is in an environment that remains in constant transformation. Throughout the last few decades, several regions surrounding great urban centers have passed through intense urbanization, resulting in vast metropolitan areas connected by busy highways and surrounded by plantations and industrial areas, along with numerous new neighborhoods with a sharp growth in gated condominiums with high walls.

It is from this context of urban expansion over forests –  and at the heart of one of the most densely populated regions on the planet – that the stories told in the episodes of Animal Rescue arise.

TV documentary series.

2012, HDTV, 6 x 26'

Directed by: Eduardo Rajabally and Mauro Martins.

Produced by: Maurício Dias, Fernando Dias and Débora Ivanov.

Script: Danilo Gullane.

Broadcast: Animal Planet (Latin America).

Coproduction Grifa Filmes and Gullane Entretenimento.

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