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This road-show gastronomic series is a television series hosted by the famous Brazilian chef Bel Coelho. In the series, Bel Coelho travels all over Brazil discovering its culture, history and people, through the flavors of the national cuisine. She begins her long journey travelling to Bahia, the place where the Portuguese first arrived in Brazil, and where the African roots are most visible in the country. She later explores the Amazon Forest, meeting the first residents of Brazil, the indigenous people.

She continues her way through Brazil at the northeast region and its many faces, beginning by learning about the coastal seafood. She then enters the arid lands of the Sertão, to celebrate the famous Brazilian party Festa Junina in Caruaru. She ends her tour in the northeast having some dessert in Alagoas.

On her next trip she goes inside Brazil to discover Minas Gerais and its golden history, before facing some wild animals in the Pantanal. Next is a journey through the south and southeast towards the discovery of the European, Japanese, Portuguese and Arab immigrants and their cuisine. She ends her long Brazilian expedition passing by Brasilia to taste the food of the Cerrado region.

Documentary series.

2014, HD, 20 x 22'

Directed by: Herbert Henning.

Broadcast: ARTE (France and Germany) and Discovery Latin America.


Coproduction Grifa Filmes and FL Concepts & Co.

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