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In the early 1960s, more than 14,000 Cuban children boarded a one-way flight to the US. They were entrusted to the Catholic Church in Miami by their families, concerned about the rapprochement between Cuba and the Soviet Union. This operation was orchestrated by anti-Catholic forces with the support of the U.S. government. The parents' decision to send their children to a place considered safe during the tumultuous years that followed the Cuban revolution was stimulated by rumors that the new regime would take the children away from their families and indoctrinate them. The separation of families was, however, much longer and more painful than anticipated. In this film, several Cubans sent to the US as children describe the impact of Operation Pedro Pan on their lives. In addition, interviews with U.S. and Cuban experts and archival footage of the time create the historical context in which this little-known episode of the Cold War in Latin America occurred.

2020, 4K, 1 x 80’

Dirercted by: Maurício Dias e Kênya Zanatta.

Executive Production: Maurício Dias e Fernando Dias.

Broadcasted by: Canal Curta! 

STILLS PEDRO PAN.002 (1).jpeg
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