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LIFE MISSIONS tells the story of 20 people who, for their noble purposes, face the status quo, raise flags for causes, and write great life stories. The challenges, dilemmas and conflicts they go through reveal much of their character and tell life examples of overcoming difficulties. People who have discovered their mission in the world.

A HBO, GRIFA FILMES and NÓS coproduction.

Available on CINEMAX, HBOFamily, HBOSignature and HBO GO.

2020, 10 x 50'

Created by: Ana Cláudia Streva, Bruno Modolo
Directed by: Mara Mourão, Mauro Martins, Hélcio Alemão Nagamine, Carlos Baliú
Executive Production: Roberto Rios, Eduardo Zaca, Patricia Carvalho and Rafaella Giannini (HBO Latin America Originals), Fernando Dias and Mauricio Dias (GRIFA FILMES), Ana Cláudia Streva (NÓS).

Production: Bianca Corona, Tatiana Battaglia
Script: Bruno Modolo, Selma Perez, Paulo Mattos
Cinematography: Mauro Martins e Carlos Baliú
Edited by: Selma Perez, Paulo Mattos

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