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How many times have we questioned the course of our lives? The choices we made and the choices we have to make?

THROWING IT ALL TO THE WIND discusses these hesitations, bringind passionate characters who profoundly transformed their lives. Inspiring stories of common but extraordinary people. They reveal how they discovery a new world of possibilities from a simple but risky decision: becaming an entrepeneur. 

A light-hearted motivational series that aims to touch the viewer and awaken a new perspective at life, promoting reflection on what is really worth: money? Wellness? Emotions? Happiness? Personal fulfillment?

2-minute drops for insert in programming grid.

Directed by: Naor Elimelech.

Production: Júnia Teixeira.

Cinematography: Gabriel Ranzani.

Exhibition: Discovery Home&Health and TLC.

Coproduction Prosperidade and Grifa Filmes.

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