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From where come the innovative ideas? To answer that question, 13 personalities from different fields will share with the public the moments of inspiration that led them to a turning point in their lives and in their careers. The testimony of each protagonist makes up each episode of Brazil, an original series produced by Grifa Filmes. ​

Season 1 (2017)

Directed by: Maura Mourão.

Broadcast: TV Cultura and Prime Box Brasil.

Cast: Paulo Lima, journalist and founder of Trip Publishing Company; Celine Saorin, a beer specialist; Antonio Nóbrega, musician and dancer; Viviane Mosé, philosopher; Lala Deheinzelin, futuristic; Negra Li, actress and singer; Edgard Piccoli, TV hostess; Rodrigo Baggio, founder and president of NGO CDI; Eduardo Lyra, journalist and founder of NGO Gerando Falcões; Facundo Guerra, entrepreneur; Eduardo Sur, visual artist; Mauro Beting, sports journalist; Elifas Andreato, graphic designer and illustrator.


Season 2 (2019)

Directed by: Kênya Zanatta.

Cast: Marina Person, filmmaker and TV hostess; Paulo Miklos, singer, composer and actor; Giselle Beiguelman, visual artist e university teacher; Gringo Cardia, graphic and set designer; Lorelay Fox, drag queen and digital influencer; Paulo Barros, carnival coordinator; Bia Granja, specialist in digital culture; Célia Catunda, director of animation films and series; Lia Rodrigues, coreographer; Luiz Tatit, composer and university teacher; Alexandre Orion, visual artist; Alexandra Loras, ativist; Erico Borgo, entrepreneur and founder of Omelete and Brazilian version of CCXP. Brasil- Estreia Segunda Temporada- Lorelay Fox Brasil-S2 Ep2– Paulo Miklos- Domingo, 5 de maio na TV Cultura Brasil-S2 Ep3– Marina Person- Domingo, 12 de maio, na TV Cultura Brasil-S2 Ep4– Alexandre Orion-Domingo, 19 de maio, na TV Cultura Brasil-S2 Ep 5- Paulo Barros-Domingo, 26 de maio, na TV Cultura Brasil-S2 Ep 6- Lia Rodrigues-Domingo, 2 de junho, na TV Cultura Brasil-S2 Ep 8– Bia Granja-Domingo, 16 de junho, na TV Cultura Brasil-S2 Ep 9– Luiz Tatit-Domingo, 23 de junho, na TV Cultura Brasil-S2 Ep 10 – Giselle Beiguelman-Domingo, 30 de junho, na TV Cultura


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