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From the beginning of mankind people built shelters, houses and buildings to fulfill different functions in their lives. From the need for survival to the joy of allying technology, utility and beauty in creation. In each historical period of our civilization constructions were molding themselves to the habits and manners proper to those times and spaces. The art of designing and organizing internal and external spaces according to criteria of aesthetics, comfort and functionality is called architecture. It’s the architects who elaborate the plants, define the materials that will be used in the works, choose the arrangement of objects that determine the ventilation and the illumination of each environment.


Considered one of the oldest forms of science and art, in the 20th century architecture has plunged into a deep renewing movement incorporating new concepts and techniques. Historically, Brazilian architectural production is a world exponent. It’s a precursor in technical solutions and strongly representative in our culture.  In recent years, with socio-economic changes and major events happening in 2014 and 2016 and drawing attention to the country, Brazilian architecture has flourished even more. 


Our series features renowned architects whose projects draw the attention of the world. Professionals who understand society and its needs, as well as the dynamic transformations we experience almost daily. With solid knowledge, they design, construct, reform buildings of the most diverse types. Their work expand to areas of: development and urban planning, preservation and restoration of historical heritage; interior architecture; advisory and management of constructions; surveys, reports, evaluations and consultations; teaching and research. Each one has its style and specialty. In common they have artistic sensitivity, socio-environmental consciousness, aesthetic excellence and technical knowledge.

Documentary series.

2018, 13 x 26'

Directed by: Herbert Henning.

Curator: Guilherme Wisnik.

Broadcast: Canal Curta!

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