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The Amazon Rainforest is one of the world’s most famous locations and, curiously, also one of its most mysterious. In the midst of much disinformation, this documentary sets out on a difficult mission. To seek the many existing truths, toppling myths and bringing the public a more faithful portrait of the planet’s largest tropical rainforest.

What are deforestation’s villains? What is the path towards development without harm to nature? These are some of the crucial issues surrounding the Amazon which have yet to see convincing solutions.

This is a film about the Amazon, created by Brazilians yet with a global view on the subject, and supported by the most recent discoveries and scientific research. This is a film that deals with conflicting viewpoints, and which grants space such that many voices might be heard.

2013, 1x 90' / 1 x 52'

Directed by: Daniel Augusto and Eduardo Rajabally.

Script: Daniel Augusto, Eduardo Rajabally and Luiz Bolognesi.

Broadcast: Discovery Latin America, Rio+20 and TV Brasil.

Coproduction Grifa Filmes and Gullane Entretenimento.

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The directors Daniel Augusto and Eduardo Rajabally (left to right).

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