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A spectacular journey through the years of protests and strikes that shook the world, disrupted society and ushered in the globalization era.

The documentary series 1968: The Global Revolt examines what remains of the political ideals and cultural and social effervescence of the 60s, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the cultural and political revolution. The production covers, in four episodes, events ranging from 1965 to 1970, from Brazil to Japan, through Europe and the United States.

2018, 4 x 52'

Directed by: Don Kent.

Executive Production: Fernando Dias, Mauricio Dias and Christian Beetz.

Broacast: Arte/ZDF (France/Germany) and Canal Curta (Brazil).

Coproduction Grifa Filmes, Gebrueder BeetzFilmproduktion (Germany), Oya Films AS (Norway) and Artline Films (France).

1968 006 Italie 1971 (c) DR.jpg
1968 008 Vietnam (c) DR.jpg
1968 002 Seiko Ohki (c) Artline
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