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Three Plateaus and a Baloon

The three documentaries of this series focus on the National Parks of Guimarães, Diamantina and Veadeiros. Hot air balloons play an essential role in the films, since they reveal different views of the place, represent a challenge for the team of balloonists (the first to fly over the region) and bring about quite new experience to the inhabitants of the local communities.


Guimaraes plateau: Unique and very well preserved landscapes, as the fountains which flood the Pantanal during rainy weather, are portrayed from inside the balloon.

Veadeiros plateau: 250 kilometers from Brasilia, federal capital, it is one of the wildest and most mysterious places in Brazil. It reveals stories about the old crystal mines and hunting areas of high society.

Diamantina plateau: One of the most beautiful places in Brazil. On solid lands, we learn village stories of a town in wreck and ruins as well as stories of the mines, main activity of most inhabitants from the time when ore was abundant at the place.

Documentary series.

1997, Super 16mm, 3 x 52'

Directed by: Maurício Dias.

Broadcast: STV, Canal Brasil, TV Educativa, TV Escola and TV Cultura.