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ParTour is a telefilm about a very recent urban sport: Parkour. Originated in France in the late 1980s, parkour is a training method that uses the human body's ability to move from one place to another quickly, facing the most diverse obstacles. The proposal of this documentary is to show the history, the techniques and the practice of this sport through a renowned traceur (sport’s specialist). The recordings will take place in Lisbon (Portugal), an urban center that gathers buildings from the most diverse periods, symbolizing the old and the new, the past and the present and one of the best places to practice parkour. The character will interact with local architecture, showing his reading of the city through the sport. The result will be a documentary with the power to unite themes such as architecture, history, art and sport in a single purpose.

2019, 1 x 71’

Directed by: Rodrigo Lariú.

Broadcast: PlayTV.​​