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In 1928, Henry Ford and Mr. Firestone, one of the greatest rubber consumers in the world, decided to establish in the Amazon, next to the Tapajós River, a project involving the planting and growing of at least 1.5 million rubber-trees (Hervea brasiliensis) for the extraction of latex, raw material used, at the time, for rubber production. The project of producing rubber in the rain forest demanded investments of US$ 25 million and the concession of an area similar to the Libyan surface, 10 thousand square kilometers, granted by Pará’s government. There, in the heart of the Amazon forest, it was built a small American civilization, a town named Fordlandia, where workers had to live in accordance with the rules and the American way of life.

2008, HDTV/archive material, 52 minutes

Directed by: Marinho Andrade and Daniel Augusto.

Script: Rodrigo Castilho.

Executive production: Fernando Dias and Maurício Dias.

Soundtrack: Alexandre Guerra.

Broacast: Canal Brasil.