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This series consists of three documentaries of 52 minutes each will reveal to the public the peculiar history of the various social groups of São Paulo, the diversity of peoples that coexist with anything beyond their neighborhoods to define them and distinguish them. The concept of “Between the Lines” is that over there exists a balance between things that remain the same and those that change in one of the largest urban centers in the world.

Documentary series.

2005/2006, HDTV, 4 x 52'




Director: José Carlos Lage.

This episode tells the story of the Asiatic neighborhood called Liberdade, in the megalopolis São Paulo. Liberdade, word in Portuguese for freedom, is the main point for the preservation of commercial and cultural habits of the Japanese community in Brazil, the largest outside Japan. In order to reach this goal, it portrays the immigrants’ lifestyle and discusses their influence on the esthetic and cultural composition of the region. We will unveil the traditions and the ideological contrasts between the generations, as well as the changes in social behavior incorporated by the community in the course of its formation.

Bomra: one day in the neighborhood 

Director: Renata Terra.

Bomra is a documentary that portrays the neighborhood of Bom Retiro in Sao Paulo with a contemporary look, through stories and the routine of its inhabitants – who are, for the most part, immigrants from various origins. The film follows a day in this area, revealing the diversity of people’s activities and drawing a parallel with the arrival of immigrants responsible for their formation.

Broadcast: Harvard (USA) and TV Cultura (Brazil).

Morro do Chá 

Director: Filipe Moraes.

Morro do Chá tells the story of  São Paulo’s downtown, the most ancient region of this metropolis. The documentary brings to light stories of the region from the time it began to be transformed from provincial to a metropolis place.


Director: José Carlos Lage.

Paulista portrays the first and most famous avenue in Sao Paulo, the Paulista Avenue, designed by Joaquim Eugenio de Lima and inaugurated in 1891. Through testimonials from artists and interference from pedestrians and inhabitants of the avenue, the documentary reveals the profile of the city’s biggest showcase, stage of important public events and also the largest center of finance and business in Latin America.