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On the Trail of Langsdorff Expedition 

The Water Memories

Grifa’s first editorial release, in partnership with Editora Melhoramentos, this book is a complementary story-teller of the documentary Langsdorff Expedition, co-produced by Discovery Channel International. This book is an international winning award project in Frankfurt’s Book Fair as one of the five most beautiful books in the world. It  also received the prize of Graphic Excellence during the Brazilian Pini Prize of Graphic Excellence in 2001.

Year: 2001.

Author: Adriana Florence

Executive Producer: Fernando Dias and Mauricio Dias

Photography: Adriano Gambarini

Coordination: Carolina Kotscho

Graphic Production: Lobo Filmes

Graphic Designer: Marcello Righini

Collaboration: Gambarini, Eduardo Kito, Fábio Vizotto, Hélcio Alemão Nagamine, Luis Oliveira, Mauricio Dias, Paulo Ricardo Nunes, Renato Ciasca, Steve Bowles, Rubens Matuck, Prof. Boris Komissarov, Sociedade Indígena Apiaká, Comunidade Indígena Guató da aldeia Cachoeira, Sociedade Indígena Mundurukú da aldeia Sai-Cinza.

Sponsor: Infraero and Galvani

Cultural Support: Law for Cultural Promotion – Ministry of Culture

Produced by: Grifa Filmes and Editora Melhoramentos

Distributed by: Editora Melhoramentos

Awards: Fernando Pini Graphic Excellence – 2001 / Award received at the Frankfurt’s Editorial Book Fair (Germany) as one of the five most beautiful books of the World-2003.