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Brazil from Pre-History

For over 11.000 years, fossils of an extinct fauna kept the secret that can now assist us in comprehending the pre history of the American continent. Deep in a flooded shaft, in the heart of Brazil, a crew of specialized divers is the extension of the arms and eyes of an international crew of paleontologists in search of the greatest representatives of this extinct fauna, the giant sloths. Together, they uncover a paleontological ‘gold mine’. Using CGI we will also dive into ducts and areas never before visited by men, bringing back to life new species of the mega fauna. Surprises at every new dive also resulted in the finding of human bones. And more questions emerge from the blue shaft.

Documentary (TV)

2007, HDTV, 1 x 52'

Directed by: Túlio Shargel and Maurício Dias.

Distribution: TERRANOA.

CGI: Cube Creative (France).

Broadcast: CBC (Canada), RAI (Italy), ARTE (France/Germany), SBS (Australia), TSR (Switzerland), RTBF (Belgium), Planète Cable, L’Office de la Telecom Educative de L’Ontário, National Geographic Brazil.


Coproduction Grifa Filmes, Gedeon and ARTE.