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Whales in Abrolhos

First Brazilian production about whales, this documentary focuses on the humpback whale, currently figuring in the official list of endangered species by IBAMA. They were shot from July to November, period when the archipelago of Abrolhos, the first Marine National Park in the Country, is inhabited by these magnificent mammals, since the archipelago is the main area for the reproduction of the species. Escaping from the Antarctic winter and from their natural predators in order to reproduce in hot waters, the humpback whales attract archipelago biologists from the whole country and from the whole world to this beautiful place on the coast of Bahia, Brazil. The documentary reveals research carried out in order to understand the behavior of these animals which have – according to the biologists – a “docile mood”.


2000, Super 16mm, 1 x 52'

Directed by: Maurício Dias.

Script by: Maurício Dias and Carolina Kotscho.

Producer: Fernando Dias.

Original soundtrack: Paulo Tatit and Sandra Perez.

Broadcast: Animal Planet and Al Jazeera.