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In the South of the Landscape

Each of the four films of this documentary series approaches, in 26 minutes, populations who live between Iguaçú and Chuí, in the extreme South of Brazil. The landscapes, which are formed and transformed in the memory of the local inhabitants, function as a base for these poetic documentaries, which discuss the relationship between man and his environment and the conflicts related to the changes brought about by their own actions on it.


Landscape and Sacred Land: People who had their lands flooded due to the building of Itaipu hydroelectric power plant, as the Avá-Guarani Indians, reveal their daily routines in a limit represented by the continuous water movements.

Landscape and memory: Shows the relationship amongst three lonely men and the memory of the landscape that, even in continuous change, always leaves its trail.

Landscape Trails: In the small town of Urubici, in Santa Catarina, the look of a photographer turns the landscape into the shapes of anonymous faces.


Invisible Landscapes: The contradiction in this landscape, which holds life and death, is discussed in the documentary under the point of view of one of the greatest ecological activists in the world.

2000, Super 16mm, 4 x 26'

Directed by: Paschoal Samora.

Script: Paschoal Samora.

Produced by: Fernando Dias and Maurício Dias.

Original Soundtrack: Marlui Miranda, Paulo Tatit and Sandra Perez.

Broacast: STV, DirecTV, TV Cultura and TV Escola.