Critical Uncertainties

Critical Uncertainties is the first season of a documentary television series with internationally renowned intellectuals. The objective is to present relevant contemporary issues about art, politics, books, economics, international relations, society, history, future of Brazil and more. They are small half-hour documentaries with a main character and an approach of the key issues that he thematizes in his work. Unseen footage of some of the main centers of the world (such as London and Paris)will illustrate the exposure of issues.


The interviewees of this season are:

1 Noam Chomsky – One of the most important intellectuals of the world

2 Zygmunt Bauman 2 – Polish sociologist.

3 Alain Touraine – One of the most important sociologists of the world

4 Alberto Manguel – One of the most erudite thinkers in the world today

5 Michel Maffesolli – sociologist professor at Sorbonne (Paris Descartes) and of the University Institute of France.

6 Dominique Moisi – French political scientist.

7 Tariq Ali – Writer, Pakistani writer and activist based in London.

8 Vandana Shiva – Feminist and activist born in India.

9 Luiz Gonzaga Belluzzo – Brazilian economist.

10 Mike Davis – Professor of American History Department of the University of California (UCI).

11 Robert Darnton – historian trained at Oxford, was a professor at Princeton University.

12 Richard Sennett – Sociologist born in the United States, who lives between New York and London.


Critical Uncertainties

2014, HD, 12 x 22 ‘

Directed and Screenplay by: Daniel Augusto

Broadcast: TV Brazil (unreleased)

Film produced with the support of BNDES and FSA.

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