Singers of Brazil

3rd. Season of  the musical series “Singers from Brazil”, in which the past and the present are the guiding thread. Names in contemporary Brazilian music scene  rescue and update the work of importante old artists of Brazilian music.

From Samba to Bossa Nova and Protest Music, “Singers of Brazil” makes a tour in the work of the past Brazilian divas in 13 episodes. Each program brings a guest, which revisits icons of Brazilian Popular Music.


Singers of BRAZIL – 3rd. Season

2014 HD, 13ep x 12 ‘

Idealization and Content Direction: Mariana Rolim, Mercedes Tristan and Simone Esmanhotto

Produced by: Battaglia Filmes and Grifa Filmes

Directed by: Jacob Solitrenick

Executive Producers: Fernando Dias, Mauricio Dias and Tatiana Battaglia

Production Coordination: Isabel Oliva

Line Producer: Renata Rudge

Cinematography: Jacob Solitrenick, ABC

Musical Direction and Production: Mauricio Tagliari

Editing: Pedro Jorge

Finishing: Zombie Post

Sound Studio: YB Music

Realization: Channel Brazil (unpublished)

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